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Find on our online store all that your unicorn bedroom needs to be magical and enchanting! A unicorn beddingblanketrugpillow, bean bag chair, curtains, dream catcher, night light, or a sleep mask, you will have a room in the horned animal theme.

pink unicorn bedding

The Unicorn Bedding for a magical bed

The unicorn bedding is easy to maintain; it is magical bedding set to decorate your bed and your bedroom. Our fairytale comforters are often confused with comforters. However, it is not the same thing. Put a comforter, duvets, or coverlets or quilts over our bedspread to make it even more magical and warm. Our beast with one horn bedding has other names such as bedclothes or bed linen. It is intended to be placed over your bed to keep you warm by enclosing the heat inside. It also serves as mattress protection and for your hygiene. However, the best advantage of unicorn bedding is its decorative effect. Among the human sleeping environment, the removable and available part is the fabled beast bedding, which is to be put in a washing machine. According to the seasons, it is preferable to change your bedding to improve your sleeping comfort. For example, in summer, it is hot, or in winter, it is cold and adapts yourself with the magical symbol of grace. Several colors are available, from a pink unicorn to purple unicorn, rainbow, emoji, rectangular, square, children, girls, women, boys, baby, and something for all tastes.

unicorn pillows

The unicorn pillow to rest your head and neck

Sublimate your sofa or bed with a unicorn pillow. A perfect accessory for your body and comfort, our fabled horse pillows will rest your neck and your nape while decorating your room. There are different types of kawaii unicorn pillows on our online store. Whether you are looking for a pillow for your body, a pillow for cuddling, or merely a decorative cushion, you will be delighted. Whether you’re sitting or lying down, your body will always be supported by our specially designed a rainbow unicorn pillows to help you in any position. Certain types of mythical horned creature pillow look like a real one-horned animal like a plush, marrying the shape of your human body for optimal sleep during your magical nights. Our throw unicorn pillows can be placed anywhere in your home, on your bed, on a couch, or on a chair; they are also perfect decorative objects. Find our online store pillows in all colors and shapes, in emoji, pink, purplelight up with LED, giant, etc.

Unicorn rug large size

A Unicorn Rug for the floor of your room and your feet

Our unicorn rug is a large woven fabric that will cover the area you choose in your bedroom or living room. Put the rug on your floor and watch the unicorn sparkle design on top. A real fairy tale floor covering made of textiles, we made it up of different layers, including an upper layer made of hair attached to a support to caress your feet. The materials that make up our glitter mythical one-horned creature rug are wool, synthetic fiberpolyesternylon, and polypropylene to give you a soft and warm look to your feet. Our online store has a white horse-like animal rug with a pile made of twisted tufts to maintain a correct structure over time by being heat treated. The term rug is very often confused with symbol of grace carpet, which is used in a similar context. However, the rug is a smaller piece and is not fixed to the floor, so you can move it anywhere you want. Arrange our carpets in your little girl’s, baby, teenager’s or boy’s room. Made in many colors such as rainbow pastel, pink or purple unicorn to give you a fairy look.

The Unicorn Bedding For A Magical Night

The Unicorn Bedding For A Magical Night

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